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Architectural and electrical and civil engineering design

The first step to start the construction process of a building is its design. Therefore, it is necessary to design different parts based on the project conditions and according to regulations in the best way.


Implementation of construction projects

The design process to the reality of a project requires quality construction and execution. Integrating architectural design with structural parts, mechanical and electrical installations must be done with proper and experienced management.


Supervision of construction projects

In a successful project, from the idea of design to its construction, it needs a high quality control and supervision to meet the appropriate integration between different disciplines.

From the services of consulting engineers to the management of construction, renovation and implementation of all kinds of constructions

Eshel Consulting Engineers Group of companies with expert and experienced human resources in all three departments of design, implementation and supervision in the fields of: structural architecture | Mechanical installations and electrical installations have had the honor of being in charge of many projects. This group tries to provide the most high-quality project that suits the client’s needs by using the latest design methods and applying Behrouz application software.

About Eshel

Our group has been established since 1384

in purpose of technical and engineering services. Eshel consisting more than 70 juridical companies is undoubtedly one of the greatest engineering group that is proud to take part in Tehran engineering system. Our services are very extensive but generally they can be classified into design, construction and supervision groups.

Interior architecture and interior decoration

Design of interior architecture and interior decoration of all kinds of buildings such as residential, office, commercial, cultural and religious.


Interior design and implementation of new buildings

If you decide to design and implement your own building, it is better to think about its interior design from the very beginning and according to our science and art, your own taste and the needs and use of the interior space, you will have the best design for your interior space.


Internal renovation of all types of residential, commercial and office buildings

Regardless of the age of the building, many people prefer to make fundamental changes in the interior due to the desire for modernity and diversity or because of the wear and tear of the internal building, and sometimes due to the change of use and various reasons of this kind. The correct implementation of this requires experience and knowledge, as well as the technical and workshop teams that we provide.ز

Technical Services

Providing all consultant services in all areas of studies, design, calculations and implementation.

Architecture and Urbanism

Providing all architectural design services, urban design from study phase and zero phase to phase two and executive maps, 3D simulations and animation and computer graphics and shop drawing maps.

Civil and structural engineering

Normal or complex structure calculations in all types of buildings require extensive theoretical knowledge and deep experience in large projects. This knowledge is at your disposal with the help of our collection. Also, providing executive services in the field of construction of all kinds of metal and concrete structures is also included in these services.

electrical engineering

Designing and providing building electrical and electrical plans and, if needed, providing electrical equipment and services for construction projects by specialist contractors.

mechanical engineeringDesigning and preparing plans for the mechanical facilities of the building and, if needed, providing and purchasing equipment and carrying out the installation parts of the building by specialist contractors.

Renovation of the interior and facade of the building

Providing renovation services for all types of residential, office, commercial and government buildings.


Reconstruction of the facade

The facade of the building may need to be redesigned and then rebuilt due to being worn, damaged, or old and not desirable. We consider everything in this field and your project will be done with the best price and quality.


Interior renovation

Architectural renovation and interior decoration of houses, shops, offices and various types of traditional and modern buildings can be done by experienced and powerful technical and executive teams from the design stage to demolition and reconstruction.

artitchect training

By participating in training classes, your practical skills in the field of architecture and technical-engineering will increase. Our goal is primarily to reduce the skill gap of university graduates with the industry and the labor market. Secondly, we have aimed to increase the skills of labor market activists.

Architectural technical training

  • These training courses are created with the aim of increasing skills that often require years of experience in the labor market and offices of consulting engineers. Such as training to prepare and draw executive plans for phase 2 of architecture, which requires relative executive, technical and engineering knowledge and is a necessity of the labor market.

Architectural software training

  • It is no secret that software in any field is like a work tool. The more the user has mastered these software, the more powerful and dominant he will be during work. The project-oriented nature of these training courses plays an important role in students’ simultaneous understanding of software skills and how to use everything correctly during work.

Construction training

  • Formation of training courses for people who want to quickly learn the basic principles in executive projects, and presenting basic viewpoints and methods in planning and carrying out an executive project and various challenges facing workshop and executive managers will be taught in these courses.

Technical and engineering workshops

  • The training workshops target a specific topic, which can be related to an executive and contracting skill or software and engineering. By participating in these courses, the learner increases his skills in a targeted manner in specific fields.

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